• Shold I use insulated door or non-insulated??

    Insulation door is stronger, quieter operating and more durable than non-insulation door; it is also very hlepful if you have a bedroom on top of your garage. However, if your garage is seperated or beside with your living area with very seldom usage, then non-insulation door is also good. Remember, non-insualtion door has no life time warranty.

  • How to choose garage door colors?

    Most people like to choose the colour matching with their front entrance door, windows, or aluminium capping. Brick colour is the second consideration since very few people like many colours in one wall. In case you want to sell your house, then the nature colours will be accepted by most people.

  • What kind of warranty do I get?

    The door panel’s warranty is provided by the door manufactured, you can download those warranty sheets from most brand name websites. Another important warranty is labour, sometimes, labour is even more than parts. Labour warranty is provided by the installers, therefore, dealing with a trusted installer/dealer is a key point to get rid of headache in the future.

  • How can I do maintainence?

    High quality parts, especially rollers, springs and hinges, can save you lots of maintainence. Normally, when you hear some squeeze or unnormal noise, lubricate those metal moving parts, same as springs, usually once a year depends on the lubrications you used.

  • How to choose an opener?

    1. belt drive openers are much quieter than chain drive ones
    2. double garage door should use 3/4 HP, while 1/2 HP is good enough for single doors.
    3. Battary back up design is a good choice for any garage without side entrance.
    4. Highlift garage door only can use shaft mount openers unless the highlift is less than 17 inches.

  • How to choose a garage door? / What kind of garage door is the best?

    There is no the best garage door, but there are always doors best meeting your demands. Think about your budget, your house style, the maintainence cost of the door and the usage of your garage. Talk with us, we will happily share our experience with you.

  • Which garage door is the strongest in the market?

    If you are a hockey player, maybe you should consider a dent-resistant door. Clad wood door can fit most people’s budget, but it is not maintainence free. Fiberglass doors and some traditional style doors with fully overlays are high-end class doors, unfortunally, the price can go as double as regular steel doors.

  • The cost to maintain a wood door compare to a steel door?

    Qualitied sealing and painting for a 8’X7’garage door is easily costing you $250 dollars, and it can last you about two years. Therefore, if you live in a house for over than 10 years, a steel door can save you more.

  • Is a black door coming with life time warranty?

    Only C.H.I provide life time warranty for black doors without extra condition. If your garage doors are exposured to east or north, and you don’t want windows, then you have more choices.

  • What is the difference to buy garage doors from Home Depot and the garage door dealers?

    Clopay has lots of choices for the door colours and window design. However, the on-sale price usually don’t have good insulation and back finish. There is no weather seal included, which may cost you extra $110 per door. Moreover, the spring system is extension spring, which is the last generation.