Rolling Door

Rolling Door

The rolling door uses the professional design, safe, slient, beautiful, soft colors and integrative shaping. It designs with hidden motor which make the door artistic. The rolling door operating in silent is the product’s great feature.

The product is used on the gate system of the general households, apartments, garages, hotels, parking lots, business buildings, and etc.


1.Automatic and Safe
The rolling door is safe. The operator will stop if operating encounter resistance.

2.Fast and Quiet
DC motor combines with interval design. Both sides of the door install hard-wearing nylon in order to increase the speed and prevent noise.

3.Attractive and durable
The rolling door uses the special anti-rust technology. It is more durable and artistic.

4.Secure against Power Failure
The door can switch into manual operation while losing electrical power.

5.Simple and easy setting
The door has the patent for the speed location device, it is fast and convenient.

6.Add on Feature
The rolling door system can combine with the central control system, electric eye, smoke detector, and siren.