Broken Rollers Repair

Garage door parts include tracks, springs, hinges, rollers, torsion springs, cables, cable drums, weather seals, plates (center plate and side bearing plates) and brackets (top brackets and bottom brackets). Tracks, hinges, cable drums and plates are normally last long time (15 to 20 years or more) unless they got damaged, like car hitting or rusting. Mostly, people need to maintain or replace rollers, springs, cables, weather strips and bottom brackets since those utilities are counted life cycles. Springs normally provide 10,000 lifecycles, which means if you use the garage door 4 times a day, at least it should last 7 – 8 years. Springs’ lifecycle also affected by temperature, quality of the material and moisture. Extremely cold or rusting seriously could lower the life cycles, therefore, qualified insulated doors and weather seals are required as well as maintenance and lubricant, normally once a year before winter. There are three popular rollers in the market, black plastic roller – cheapest and light duty usage; steel roller – noisy and require more lubricant; and nylon roller with 11 or 13 bearings – the best roller for residential usage since it is quiet and durable. Rollers need to be replaced when it wear out or out of function. Cables and bottom brackets are easily affected by rusting, especially in the winter since ice salt is going to damage the galvanize protection and get the cable rusted, then broke soon. Qualified weather seal and bottom seal will help to solve this problem.

Why choose Navida

  1. Honest workers. People always look for the truthful contractors for their project. Experienced technicians can help to find the potential problem, provide enough information for choosing the right product, right suggestions to save cost and so on. Be honest to customer is our No. 1 rules for our business.
  2. Unbeatable price. We provide the best price to customers through reducing operating cost and getting quantity discount from suppliers. We never reduce price by using cheap parts or lower workmanship.
  3. Qualified hardware. Used or unqualified hardware will cause problems sooner or later. We only use high end quality parts, believe it or not, we try to make our customers to spend one time and enjoy long.
  4. Variety product lines. We deal with six different brands: CHI, Garaga, Haas, Doorlink, Wayne Dalton and Amarr. Different demands and conditions require different products. That is why we never say which door is the best; instead we only suggest which door may fit your demand and budget mostly.
  5. Impressive professional skills. Our technicians had mechanical training and professional garage door installation training with full licences. All our workmanship has one year labour warranty. We don’t sub-contract, that is why nobody complains about our work quality and morality for so many years.
  6. Fast service. We consider customers. We show up in 12 hours in emergency cases; we help customers to finish their projects ASAP; we don’t delay schedules and we fix for free when replacement doors are waiting.
  7. Full warranty. We have full insurance for our worker. Our one year labour warranty makes sure our customers have no problem after one winter and one summer, which most problems happens due to temperature changes. We explain warranty details provided by manufacturers and also help our customers to gain compensation from suppliers.